7 Bathroom Blogs Remodel Your Bathroom in 2020

bathroom blogs

Don’t know how to design or remodel your bathroom? Can’t find cheap but high quality bathroom products? Read below bathroom blogs to get ideas and inspirations.

1. Reddit – reddit.com/r/bathrooms

Reddit is an American social news, web content rating, and discussion website. In its bathroom channel, users post many various useful videos or articles about bathroom design, idea and inspiration. It is a place to discuss all things about bathroom, so you will always find what you need about bathroom.

2. C.P. Hart – cphart.co.uk/blog

As the UK’s leading bathroom retailer, C.P. Hart has a reputation for pioneering design excellence and innovative products and materials. C.P. Hart blog brings users exclusive updates on their activities, the latest product developments, industry trends and company news. Therefore, be sure to check back regularly for new articles on the bathroom blogs. You will always learn the newest style of bathroom design and idea.

3. Bathshop321 Blog – www.bathshop321.com/blog/

Bathshop321 blog is really amazing, and it shares many informative and useful articles about bathroom with users. As a retail bathroom product store, its extensive bathroom suite range offering high quality but reasonable price bathroom products and appliances including toilets, basins, suites and vanities at cheap prices. Get bathroom inspiration from the design and editorial team at Bathshop321. 

4. Simple Toilet – simpletoilet.com

Simple Toilet shares high quality article content that help customers decide which toilets to buy, the different kinds of toilets, and more. You can always find the cheap but high quality solutions for your bathroom.

5.  The Kitchen and Bathroom Blog – thekitchenandbathroomblog.com.au/category/bathrooms-2/

As Australia’s only independent blog for the kitchen & bathroom industry, The Kitchen and Bathroom Blog brings you daily updates on the latest industry news, events, products, services, innovations, overseas fairs, interior design, awards and much more. So, please keep in tune with the bathroom blogs and check it frequently.

6. Shower Journal – showerjournal.com

Shower Journal is one of the widely trusted bathroom renovation blog. If you need any thing related to shower essentials, bathroom accessories even toilet stuffs,  so this blog is for you. Also they provide tips and hacks about bathroom.

7. OuuKey Bathroom Blog – ouukey.com/blog/

OuuKey is s professional bathroom and kitchen product supplier in China. It keeps delivering high quality article contents about bathroom and kitchen each week and month. And it hopes to help bathroom distributors, contractors and fixing workers to get some information about products and new market trends.

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