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About OuuKey

OuuKey Kitchen and Bath takes pride in providing superb quality and professional service to our customers. We are the one supplier solution for vendors around the globe who deal in kitchen and bath faucets and accessories. We proudly ship our products around the world, helping small to mid-sized retailers offer competitive pricing on kitchen and bath products.

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Custom Design Team

We manufacture quality faucets, as well as other kitchen and bath accessories. We know the importance of design and offer custom design solutions created by our expert team of professionals. We invite our customers to talk to us about the specific designs they are seeking. We can take custom orders, flawlessly design your idea, and execute the manufacturing all in one central location.


Quality materials, excellence in design, and a commitment to customer satisfaction are synonymous with the OuuKey name. Our vision is to offer beautiful kitchen and bath solutions that complement any style of d├ęcor with sacrificing durability and function.

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Our Commitment to Quality

OuuKey does its own designs and on-site manufacturing to ensure quality is at the core of every step of the process. From our design drawings to your showroom, OuuKey strives to provide the highest quality kitchen and bath products on the market. We know that our buyers will only return to OuuKey if their customers are impressed with the pricing and quality of the products, so we work hard to make sure that each product we sell meets both requirements.

At OuuKey, we know that nothing is more important than quality when it comes to kitchen and bath products. Our efficient manufacturing process is meticulously overseen to ensure the highest standards are maintained at every step of the process.

Professional Accessories Manufacturer in China

Our Service

We know that you have many options when it comes to choosing your supplier for kitchen and bath faucets and accessories. Our personalized customer service team works diligently to establish a relationship with businesses around the globe who return to OuuKey again and again. The heart of our business is satisfied repeat customers who proudly carry OuuKey products. We know the importance of honoring the companies that count on OuuKey for all their bath and kitchen product needs.

Unlike large manufacturers, OuuKey is geared to produce products for smaller markets, and that gives us flexibility when customizing a working relationship with each store that sells OuuKey products. We invite you to browse our website, then reach out to our customer service team to explore what OuuKey can do for your business.

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Our Desire

We take pride in serving small to mid-sized businesses that can remain competitive against larger stores because we do not require large minimum orders. We value each customer, and we will work with you to ship the OuuKey products you need without forcing you to order more inventory than you need.

From our business to yours, OuuKey would like to thank each of you that proudly carry OuuKey products. You are the heart and soul of our business, and we are proud that you have chosen us to supply you with your kitchen and bath solutions.

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