Faucet Market Trends in 2020

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Faucet market trends in 2020 are increasingly a combination of form and function. Buyers want faucets that serve their purpose, including the latest in smart home technology while acting as stylish art in their kitchens and baths. In 2020,  customers want faucets that accessorize the trending design styles while incorporating new spray designs, activated touch, and other smart features. Popular design styles in 2020 include:


Minimalism has been around for a while, and it is still a popular design trend in the faucet market. However, the maximalist design is an emerging style that is the complete opposite.  Maximalist designs feel opulent and decadent, and faucets that complement this style are in demand this year. New hues, such as a rose gold finish, are stylish touches.


The minimalist design trend is not going anywhere anytime soon. Sleek finishes with a bare functional design make faucets an accent to rooms that focus solely on function. Single lever faucets with a nickel or black finish suit the minimalist style. Square designs, from faucet heads to levers, remain popular as well. In minimalist design, curves are out, and simple squared features are preferred.


The industrial look has become market trends across the globe. The industrial look might be carried throughout the home or building, or it might only extend to the kitchen or bath. Copper and brass are prominent finishes for faucets and accessories. Black is also often incorporated. Exposed piping is an important design element, and more designers are using aged patina to complete the look.


Modern design has become a staple in bathrooms and kitchens. The clean lines, lack of clutter, and space-saving features create a look of open, airy cleanliness. Faucets and other accessories that are sleek or even stark in appearance work well against the often white background of a modern kitchen or bath. Faucets and other accessories should evoke a streamlined and sophisticated feel.


The definition of traditional varies by region and taste, but it is a classic look that never goes out of style. The concept behind the traditional design in the kitchen and bath are faucets and accessories that create a warm, cozy feeling in a room without looking dated. Natural colors, combined with classic shapes, create an updated but traditional look in kitchens and baths.

Traditional style combined with modern features in faucets creates a warm and comfortable design that avoids being trendy or dated but strikes a balance between the two. Chinese faucet suppliers and manufacturers are following the demand for faucets and accessories that complement the latest market trends. OuuKey is one such manufacturer that offers faucets, along with kitchen and bath accessories, to fit all the latest design styles with the new features customers have come to expect.

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