How Do Faucet Distributors Do Image Marketing?

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In the fast-changing modern life, people don’t have enough patience to read long content in daily life. People browse information and understand the product prefers the form of pictures. Under such a background trend, how should faucet distributors make good use of the photograph to do marketing?

Images have been the primary presenting way in online shopping store

Online shopping for most consumers should not be unfamiliar. When consumers open the online faucet store, they will see many picture information at first sight. Most of them will purchase with the help of pictures and text-based presentations. The image is a straightforward way to show the critical points of the product. Whether on their official websites or their online mall, the picture should be the first expression of a company to customers.

Faucet companies use pictures to boost sales

In the faucet industry, almost all customers will browse a large number of faucet pictures before buying. They may search based on faucet style, function, after-sales, and so on.

Bathroom decoration design images have become most consumers’ favorite content, which is also the primary source of faucet distributors’ website traffic. At present, more and more faucet brands company realized the importance of image marketing. Building a faucet gallery to show brand history and all products have helped them achieve great success.

In the era of Mobile Internet, “image reading” has become the most mainstream browsing mode, also the most intuitive way to influence. However, many users report that the content of the ordinary picture makes the reading experience monotonous. Sometimes when they see an image and like the decoration style or the products, they can’t find the related products and don’t know where to buy them. To solve this, why not show an image with associated product introduction and decoration guide? This way will be helpful for users to get information and buy related products directly.

Image marketing is the hot method marketing on the Internet

The faucet industry’s picture marketing is a kind of innovation marketing way, which is different from traditional marketing. Image marketing is in accord with the consumption habit of consumers in the Internet age. Design an image and combine the image idea with content together, insensibly advertising to consumers. Nowadays, pictures are more than just an advertising method. Data shows that brands and products with suitable images result in 20 times higher click-through rates than a traditional ad.

More and more faucet brands company carry out the image marketing for their brand promotion and products selling in the faucet industry. Statistics show that 40% of Internet content is in image way, and 70% of Internet users prefer to pay attention to pictures for information. Like many social and e-commerce platforms all over the world have their image gallery now. Based on the data, we also know image marketing is the right trend for digital marketing nowadays.


In the Internet Age, image marketing’s effectiveness is evident; it still has a lot of potential advantages to be explored. For image marketing, faucet distributors also need more study and strive to maximize its most significant benefit.

OuuKey as a professional faucet manufacturer, we have professional image designers for our products. Contact us and apply to be our faucet distributors in your local market, we will provide the images you need for your marketing.

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