How to Select a Faucet Supplier In China

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There are numerous faucet suppliers in China, but there are steps you can take to make sure you choose the wholesale supplier that provides quality and selection at your price point.

To find the right Chinese faucet supplier:

  • Do you deal in high-end or budget faucets, or do you offer a range of faucets and accessories? Look for a wholesale faucet supplier that can meet the needs of your business.
  • Pay close attention to the company’s supply chain standards and guarantees. Late deliveries and unavailable products can have a significant impact on your sales. When finding a supplier, make sure you can count on dependable order deliveries.
  • Most businesses who sell faucets, sell other components as well. Finding a faucet supplier that can provide all your faucet related needs means you will deal with fewer vendors. Fewer vendors make it easier to keep your inventory in order. Ouukey provides:
  • Basin faucets
  • Kitchen faucets
  • Shower sets and showerheads
  • Assorted bathroom accessories
  • Kitchen accessories
  • Drains
  • Other inventory related to faucets and their installation

You value your reputation, and you want a wholesale provider that does the same. Your customers rely on you for quality and fair pricing, but you can only maintain those standards by using a wholesale supplier with the same standards. Ouukey understands the value of a reputation in business, and we work tirelessly to provide clients with the best faucets and related supplies in the industry.

Can my wholesale supplier provide customized solutions?

Most wholesale suppliers do not provide customized solutions or designs. At Ouukey, we take pride in providing the capability to customize our products to meet your needs. From customized packages to laser-printed Logos, we offer your business a chance to sell unique products created specifically for your company.

Delivery and warranty information

We know that you will be satisfied with the quality of our products. Our confidence in the products we manufacture and sell allows us to offer a 5-year guarantee for brass faucets. For zinc faucets, depending on the level ordered, the warranty is 1-2 years. If you receive a faucet or accessory that has a defect caused by us, we will substitute or send a repair part in the next order.

Products arrive within 30 days of order placement, and we welcome you to use your own shipping company if preferred. 

When you are searching for the best Chinese faucet and accessories wholesale supplier, look for a company that focuses on building solid relationships. Ouukey focuses on relationships with long-term satisfied clients, and look forward to working toward establishing relationships with new clients.We invite you to reach out to us for information about our products, sales, and customization needs. 

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