Summary and analysis of major development trends of the faucet industry

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Faucet is the popular name of Water Valve, used to control the water flow switch’s size. The faucet industry develops speedy, from the old cast iron technology to electroplating knob-type, and developed to stainless steel single-temperature, single-control Faucet, stainless steel double-temperature double-control Faucet and kitchen semi-automatic faucet.

Admittedly, the faucet is indispensable in our life, especially in our kitchen and bathroom. Today, I will share the significant trends in faucet development shortly according to my visit to the faucet market.

Trend 1: Refined categories

Some people say: Division of Labor Means Progress, the faucet is no exception. The current faucet can be divided into two broad categories: the bathroom faucet and the kitchen faucet. The bathroom faucet is divided into basin faucet, bidet, and bath faucet. And each type has a lot of small categories according to function, style, material, color, etc. The old taps were simple: the traditional cast-iron ones were used above the sink in both the kitchen and the bathroom, and the shower faucets used at home and in the bathhouse were “out of the same house.”. This “multi-use” phenomenon may be “gone forever” in the future.

Trend 2: Mixer tap is more popular

The so-called “mixer faucet”, refers to the cold and hot water mixed together, and can adjust the temperature of the faucet. Many homes are now equipped with water heaters, and a few have 24-hour hot water supplied by the property. In our daily cooking and cleaning, we also have a “just in time” hot water supply. Therefore, the cold and hot water can be mixed into warm water “mixer Faucet”, it is favored by most consumers in faucet industry now.

Trend 3: Functional improvement

To meet the different needs of consumers, the current faucet also has many functions: for example, the shower faucet used in the toilet has many functions such as massaging, making the water flow with air bubbles, or changing the way the water comes out, the unique design of the Faucet core, not only wear-resistant, not dripping, but also has the automatic balance of hot and cold water flow, constant water temperature function. Consumers prefer to select multi-functions faucet now.

Trend 4: Diverse styles

In the family decoration, nobody hopes his bathroom is the same with others; all hoped that the decoration could manifest individually. Therefore, the style of decoration and layout is essential. To match these styles, there are many types and styles of faucets can be selected. For example, you can decorate with the gold-and-silver-color-based, heavily decorated classical-style faucets. You can decorate with the modern-style faucets with Matte colors and avant-garde shapes. You also can decorate with a tap that is cream-and-white-based with smooth lines.

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