Top 5 Channels to Select Chinese Suppliers

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Many bathroom product buyers, bathroom wholesalers and bathroom retailers want to import goods from China, but do not know how to start. Through data analysis, we summed up several channels most used by foreign buyers. We hope this article will be helpful for bathroom products buyers in selecting right Chinese suppliers.

The first channel: search engine.

75% of foreign buyers use search engines to find suppliers, and 42% of foreign buyers prefer to use search engines to find suppliers as their primary choice.

Overseas buyers looking for bathroom Chinese suppliers through a search engine is an important symbol of modern international trade. Using search engine to find suppliers is more potential to get a good supplier than international exhibitions and B2B sites. And the cost required is much lower than attending exhibitions and B2B sites.

The second channel: offline exhibitions.

33% of foreign buyers will find suppliers through the exhibition, and 4% of foreign buyers prefer to go through the offline exhibition as their first choice.

The exhibition is one of the traditional and effective ways for foreign bathroom buyers to find Chinese supplier. This way is good as it should be, buyers can face manufacturer directly, quick access to manufacturer and more possibility of immediate transaction. But bathroom product buyer attending in exhibitions such as the Canton Fair are rampant, exhibiting time and effort, and sometimes contacting many suppliers may not necessarily be able to complete the transaction. There are too many types of exhibitions, and the limited time to participate in the exhibition each year greatly affects the actual effect.

The third channel: B2B platform for foreign trade.

33% of foreign buyers seek suppliers through B2B platforms.

Many Chinese suppliers have joined B2B business sites such as Alibaba. B2B business sites are also one way for overseas buyers to find Chinese suppliers. The advantages are: Chinese suppliers are relatively concentrated, which is beneficial to overseas buyers to choose suitable suppliers. But too many suppliers and too much same products also can occur difficult for buyers. Most sellers on B2B platform are middlemen, most good sellers are trading companies who is good at marketing online, but not direct manufacturer.

The fourth channel: magazines.

40% of foreign buyers will look for suppliers through magazines or exhibition DM.

The fifth channel: peers and friends.

50% of foreign buyers find suppliers through introductions, and 10% prefer this method.

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